My name is Machulskis Sergey, I am a generalist IT specialist. My favorite thing is to make the simple out of the complex.

What is the site about?

Here I write about things I’m genuinely interested in. These are distributed systems, systems programming, security, architecture, UX, GNU/Linux, teaching, people management, and decision making.

My views are heavily influenced by Unix philosophy. This is why I chose the domain neexee.com and the title *nix artist.

The site also has a version in Russian, the content there is different.

About the author

I dug deep and wide. One of the major projects was CDN, it distributes petabytes of data to tens of millions of users. For a long time, I continuously improved the pipeline for processing business statistics (clicks, user search queries and similar events).

For more than five years, I developed systems for processing information security threats in different companies. I assembled teams, negotiated with Chinese architects, and released both the first and tenth versions of the systems. Implemented a playbook subsystem for SOAR, developed a couple of TIPs. Familiar with implementations of systems of other classes (SIEM, EDR, IRP).

I taught several different subjects at the university. I have long stopped counting small projects like a system for collecting information about traffic jams.

You can add me to friends on GitHub and Goodreads. If you have any questions (I will be glad), current contacts can be found in resume.

Machulskis Sergey

This is me and my fellows 😸