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Lead Programmer Tricks

leadership programming featured
How to lead projects.
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A Programming Language Endgame

programming featured
What's the final destination for programming language evolution?
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How to Work Hard

motivation work featured
What working hard means for people who like solving problems.
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Reasons to (not) Make the World Better

"We work to make the world a better place" is a lie.
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Recommended Pagination for APIs

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A guide on pagination design for web APIs.
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Guideline: Error Handling

What a developer must know about error handling.
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Thoughts on Leadership in Software Development

Observations about leaders in software development.
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Data ≠ Information, Information ≠ Understanding

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The difference between data, information, and understanding. Thoughts on online advertising.
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What is SOAR

programming security work featured
The explanation of a hyped technology.
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How to: Structured Logging

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How to use structured logging with examples (in Go).