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Architecture: Modernity

Key ideas in modern approaches to software architecture.
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Architecture: Informal Definitions

Interpretation of popular but non-standard definitions of architecture.
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Architecture: Standardization

The path towards software architecture standard.
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Architecture: Buildings

How software can be similar to buildings.
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Architecture: Inspiration

Architecture of 1970-s.
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Architecture: Roots

What if you make architecture your hobby?
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Fundamental Questions of IT

Information technology past and future.
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Invincible Bug

An exceptional bug story.
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Lead Programmer Tricks

How to lead projects.
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A Programming Language Endgame

What's the final destination for programming language evolution?
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Bad Identifier

A note about naming.
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Go: Error Handling in Functional Style

An alien way of error handling in Go.
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OpenAPI Internationalization Status

We don't have a way to add several descriptions to OpenAPI objects, in different languages. We won't have it soon.
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Practical Checkstyle Config

Consistent, practical, and nicely structured checkstyle config.
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Recommended Pagination for APIs

A guide on pagination design for web APIs.
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Guideline: Error Handling

What a developer must know about error handling.
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Open Source is an Infinitely Scalable Art

Open Source is a fractal.
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Thoughts on Leadership in Software Development

Observations about leaders in software development.
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Classic Documentation Problems and Solutions

A simple list of problems and solutions.
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What is SOAR

The explanation of a hyped technology.
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Guideline: Error Wrapping in Go

Commentary on error wrapping in Go before 1.13 came out.
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Connection pool + distributed lock = deadlock

How to get a deadlock using PostgreSQL advisory lock.
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How to: Structured Logging

How to use structured logging with examples (in Go).
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What is Structured Logging

What to see when you see a log entry.
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Working with secrets using Ansible

How to nicely encrypt some values in any yaml, keeping the entire file unencrypted.
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PocketBook Quote Export

A script to export PocketBook quotes + PocketBook database schema.
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The beauty of Python type hints

An example of a Python code properly using type hints.
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Release it!

Notes on book "Release It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software".